Welcome to the official DVDExotica index.  It's still kind of a work in progress, as I plan to add more keywords and filmmakers to the database over time; but everything that's here should be working.  It's a system that'll be growing along with the rest of the site.

How it works is simply this: click on any name, keyword, format or genre listed below, and it will take you to all the related posts on this site.  So, if you want to see all the posts that include laserdisc comparisons, just click "Laserdisc."  Easy, right?  At the same time, each filmmaker's name is now a link in every post they're mentioned in.  So if you're on the Annie Hall post and click on Woody Allen's name, it will also take you to every post about a Woody Allen film.  It'll only show so many per page, though, so if there's a bunch, you'll have to click the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page to go through them all.

And of course, you can still find every post by a particular DVD label by clicking their name in the purple box on the left, and browse every film by title on the long list of links to the right.  As DVDExotica becomes fuller, I just figured it'll get more and more helpful to provide other ways to browse and search around.  And like I said, I plan to add more fun keywords, more key personnel, etc., so this index might look a little light at the moment, but it should get bigger and more useful over time.

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